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The Saguntine soprano Silvia Vázquez gave an outstanding performance. Her “mad scene” had very brilliant moments and she sang like an experienced light soprano with well-emitted voice and show-stopping high notes.

Nino Dentici

The Valencian soprano Silvia Vázquez demonstrated that she remains a high-quality lyric-light soprano, with magnificent vocal emissions in all vocal registers. Her role in this work is absolutely delightful.


The performance cannot be rated anything less than highly, with special recognition for the soprano Silvia Vázquez.

Alfredro Brotons

And there was everything in the Lord’s vineyard… Among the best, the brave, involved voice to the bone, light but with body of Silvia Vázquez, the international diva from Puerto de Sagunto, who invaded the dramatic and vocal scene to become the axis around which the action revolved. Playful, seductive, and smarter than hunger, she didn’t hesitate to project her unbridled high notes and pyrotechnic sharp high notes without devaluing an expressive, stylized, never banal singing line, full of intention and virtuosity.

Justo Romero

We have soprano Silvia Vázquez in the role of Callas. What a great pressure for a soprano to play the role of the best singer. Well, Silvia did not leave anyone indifferent, as she masters bel canto with delicate pianissimi in high notes and a full-bodied instrument in strong notes without cracks.

Álvaro Siddharta

“La música expresa todo aquello que no puede decirse con palabras y no puede quedar en silencio.”

Victo Hugo